First time beating a titled player- Fide master- in chess (my coach)

Coach decided to play e4 instead of his usual C4 for some reason which in turn gave me the opportunity to played my preferred Scandinavian.

Though my kingside looked vulnerable, I determined the pawn advance would be relatively slow and that I’d have some time to make threats on his king.

I think the move 17. bishop to a3 caused some stress. The key blunder from white was not recapturing on b3 with the bishop but instead going for the more natural looking axb3. I realized that the pressure on the open file would be too immense.

We then see some defensive attempts- it turns out moving the light square bishop on c2 to create an escape route doesn’t entirely work although it’s still recommended.

I offered on move 21. a bishop sacrifice, which was then blocked, so I went for a different idea of covering the escape square with bishop to d6- resulting in the loss of an exchange and a piece. From there it was a matter of defending the king and trading down pieces.

Unfortunately coach has the overall winning record of 15-1.


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