How epic are epic garlic bread Shapes?

Today I had the opportunity to consume a box of Arnott’s Fully Loaded Epic Garlic Bread shapes.

Epic Garlic bread shapes

These shapes definitely have a strong flavor. I would say that it is a similar experience to eating garlic bread that is made hard through overcooking, with texture similar to that of a bagel bite.

One part of the flavor combination I find particularly agreeable is that the taste seems to improve somehow throughout the eating process. I guess the strong flavoring requires a bit of getting used to.

The shape of the biscuits are also interesting and aid the texture.

The rating I would give these shapes is a 3.9 out of 5. I think they are a tasty option when looking for a bit of flavor, but I wouldn’t use them as my primary solution over chicken crimpy flavor, due to the aggressiveness. The biscuit is also slightly harder and crunchier than my personal taste but I actually think it helps to differentiate itself from other shapes.


  1. Chad Winnington Avatar
    Chad Winnington

    Pizza shapes are the best

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