This is the greatest chess logo of all time

My new logo

I decided that I needed a logo for my account. I’d just watched the movie 300. And since I’m also a javelin thrower, I decided to combine my favorite hobbies of javelin and chess into one image.

Thanks to Bivas (@Sobisss on Freelancer) for designing my logo for me. Here is a link to his Freelancer account.

Psyching my opponents out

It appears that my new logo has aided in psyching out or distracting my opponents a little bit. Or given me some kind of a mental edge as I gained around 100 blitz rating points soon after changing my profile picture.

My old profile picture

This picture of a large rabbit has served me well for 4 years since I created my account.

This was my old profile picture.

Pros and cons of each logo

ImageChonk (old)Spartan (new)
Pros He Floof
He chonk
Kind of cute
A wholesome meme
Downloaded for free from google images
Looks pretty cool
Very crisp resolution
Is chess themed
ConsNot chess themedDecreased my bank balance
Comparison table of my profile pictures


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